AVC/DOS and the Dean of Students Office hosts, sponsors, and supports a wide variety of units, programs, and initiatives that enhance our sense of campus community, promote civic engagement, address critical student needs, recognize student leadership contributions, and more.

Bias Incident Response

At UCSB we strive to maintain an environment that is welcoming and safe for every member of our community. In the event that a hate crime or incident does occur, the Bias Incident Response Team serves at the campus reporting point, and can work with the impacted parties in coordinating a response.

Campus Elections

The Campus Elections Commission is comprised of students, faculty, and staff.  The commission is a neutral, impartial body who makes recommendations to the Chancellor on all issues related to campus-wide elections.  This includes (but is not limited to) ballot wording, election timing, election operation, policies, practices, and violations.  The commission also educates voters about the scope, financial implications, pros and cons of each ballot measure being placed before the electorate, and assures that campus-wide elections are conducted in a fair and efficient manner. 

Civic and Community Engagement

Civic and Community Engagement develops initiatives that foster an environment of inquiry, civil debate, democratic participation, and access to resources such as higher education. These projects are initiated by UCSB students and include Voter Registration, GOTV, the Civic Engagement Scholars Program (CESP), and workshops for first-generation, low-income high school students to pursue post-secondary education.

COVID Community Safety Promise


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Emergency Financial Assistance


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Gaucho Student Life Newsletter


Major Events Coordination

Chaired by AVC/DOS Katya Armistead, the Major Events Committee is a group of campus and community departments and organizations that work closely to ensure the facilitation and safety of local events and attractions. 

Memorial Scholarships

Student Memorial Scholarships are offered by several academic and administrative units on campus to honor our community members. Each fund is as unique as the person whose name it bears and strives to build a bridge between the lives lost and current students, allowing for students spirit to live on through future Gauchos. 

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