CampusGroups Launch Task Force Committee Charge

Committee Charge

The CampusGroups Launch Task Force (LTF) will collaborate across departmental and divisional lines to co-create a comprehensive, interactive, online space for student engagement. Our vision involves an engaging hub for co-curricular activities where students go to find involvement opportunities; a comprehensive tool for tracking and evaluating student experiences; and a well-organized administrative hub for student organization business that makes their work straight-forward, educational, and even fun!


Use of this tool is neither compulsory nor in competition with any other campus-sponsored platform; instead, we are seeking to maximize the potential within CampusGroups to enhance the student experience at UC Santa Barbara.



BRANDING AND STUDENT MARKETING - Customize the look and feel of the platform (web and mobile app). Then, create a multimedia marketing strategy to promote user adoption and publicize the features of CG. Create marketing guidelines and customizable templates for Member Departments. Design and execute "Launch Events" this fall quarter. (Work products to be consistent with UCSB's Visual Identity Guidelines.)

STAFF/FACULTY/UNIT EVANGELISM - Pivot from the materials designed by the Branding and Student Marketing sub-committee to create a multimedia marketing strategy to promote user adoption and publicize the features of CG specifically targeted to University faculty and staff. Conduct direct outreach to individuals and departments with business needs that are likely to be supported by CG to recruit additional Member Departments.

EVENT MANAGEMENT WORKFLOW (and software integrations) - Adapt the current Event 360 Planning Guide to CG, creating a comprehensive event planning process, which is a "one-stop shop" for campus organizations to submit an event for campus approval by appropriate units/officials, publish the event to campus calendars, and request frequently used campus services. (The work of this subcommittee includes setting up API integrations with the AS Ticket Office/Events Calendar and the Calendar/Localist.)

FINANCE & BUDGETING WORKFLOW - Adapt current OSL accounting procedures to CG. Identify potential future features and software integrations to enhance utility of the system. Adapt current OSL grant-funding procedures to CG (i.e. After Dark, CommUnity Grants, and SIOP). If interest is expressed by AS, consult regarding adaptation of current budgeting procedures to CG.

EDUCATIONAL TRACKS, GAMIFICATION, AND CO-CURRICULAR TRANSCRIPT - Advise OSL on setup and administration of Tracks and the Co-Curricular Transcript model. Create documentation to empower departments to leverage educational tracks, digital badges, event attendance tracking, and the co-curricular transcript to achieve unit objectives. Recruit departments to subscribe as Member Departments and utilize these functions to create a unified student engagement platform.

DOCUMENTATION, TRAINING, & SUPPORT - As features become available at UCSB, develop custom multimedia documentation to help users leverage the full potential of the platform. Propose, design, and execute multimodal training for specific audiences: new students (getting involved), student leaders, graduate students, staff and faculty, Member Departments, and so on. Publish Internet resources, deliver or record webinars, and/or deliver in-person trainings.

DATA INTEGRATION (API) - Work with Student Information Systems & Technology (SIS&T) and other campus technologists, ensure that: 1) useful data from other campus systems is available and utilized in CG, and 2) useful data from CG is made available to other campus systems. (Work products to be consistent with UCSB's Student Information Release Matrix and FERPA.)