CampusGroups Launch FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did the Office of Student Life decide to move off of OrgSync?

OrgSync was acquired by Campus Labs and is being replaced by a new product with a different name. OrgSync is slated to be deprecated (shut down entirely) in the near future. So, we have no choice but to transition onto a new system. We took this opportunity to review available “student engagement platforms” and identified a solution that we believe will best meet our core functionality needs, be responsive to feedback from student leaders, and be of good economical value.



What will replace OrgSync?

After evaluating the OrgSync replacement product and numerous competitors – while carefully considering the feedback we have received from students and staff over our 8 years using OrgSync – we have decided to migrate to CampusGroups.



Are we “starting fresh” in CampusGroups or will historical information be included from OrgSync?

We will preload some information into CampusGroups over the summer. We are also setting up CampusGroups to have more integrations with other systems across campus for users’ convenience. At a minimum, OSL will maintain an archive of the following:

  • Org registration profiles and histories

  • Critical form submissions (e.g. financial) to OSL

See the questions about preserving individual and organizational data below.



I’m an individual user on OrgSync. What do I need to do to preserve my data?

All individuals should consider downloading their Full Involvement History and Co-Curricular Record.



I’m an organization leader on OrgSync. What do I need to do to preserve my campus org’s data?

You or someone from your organization should review your organization’s OrgSync portal to determine what needs to be saved before the end of the school year. OSL cannot view and download these items on your behalf. We recommend:

  • A blank PDF copy of any Forms your organization will want to reuse on the new system (which offers more advanced workflows).

  • PDF or Excel data from Forms with important information that needs to be referenced again in the future.

  • Member Roster.

  • Contact information you’ve stored in Email Lists, Contact Books, or Bookmarks.

  • Any Photos, Files, or Pages saved on the site.

  • All Website content if your website is hosted on OrgSync (i.e. your URL includes Unfortunately, one of the greatest disruptions as a result of this transition will be to OrgSync-hosted websites. We will reach out to organizations with current OrgSync-hosted websites soon with additional information.



My organization or department would like to access CampusGroups features. How do we do that?

By default, all registered campus organizations will have access to CampusGroups features at no additional cost.

Campus departments are invited to become Member Departments. If your department would like to utilize CampusGroups features, have one member of your department complete the Prospective Member Department Survey. There will be modest costs associated with departmental use. Please direct any questions to Miles Ashlock in the Dean of Students Office.



How does this affect campus org registration for the 2019-20 academic year?

Because we are transitioning off of OrgSync, we are asking all continuing groups to Pre-Register. Once the new system is ready, we will invite organization leaders to complete final registration steps in preparation for the new academic year. Pre-Registration is the ONLY way to be recognized as a “continuing” organization during the 2019-20 academic year, so please be sure that one officer completes this critical step by the deadline of June 7, 2019. It only takes a few minutes!

New organizations will be able to register this fall.


Note: Groups do not need to re-register in OrgSync and should only complete the Pre-Registration survey on Google Forms.



How much will this change cost registered campus organizations?

There will be no new or increased costs to registered campus organizations as a result of this transition. The Office of Student Life is inviting other campus departments to invest in the tool with the intent of creating a truly comprehensive student engagement platform and distributing the cost across several units, adding immense value to the campus and minimizing the financial burden on any single department.



I didn’t like OrgSync. Is this going to be any better?

We heard you and kept the feedback we’ve received over the years in mind as we reviewed potential replacement platforms. Based on feedback, lessons learned, and our evaluation of CampusGroups, we anticipate:

  • More intuitive interface. We found that our previous tool was extremely versatile, but required a significant amount of training before students and staff felt confident using it. CampusGroups uses straightforwrard terminology and is designed to be easy to navigate with little training.

  • Better workflows. We’ve identified new ways to streamline administrative processes utilizing the advanced functionality of CampusGroups, which should result in being able to get more done by filling out fewer forms than required in the past.

  • Campus-wide partnerships. Our transition to OrgSync was a massive undertaking as we moved almost all Office of Student Life processes from paper to digital, and our implementation strategy was largely internal. With our transition to Campus Groups, we are inviting a wide variety of partners and consultants to help us create a state-of-the-art student engagement platform and experience.



I liked a lot of the features in OrgSync. Will this tool have the same functionality?

Yes! CampusGroups offers many of the same features as OrgSync, plus several new ones that we think will add value for campus organizations and student leaders. We are excited to make this transition and think it will provide an improved experience for students and staff.



What are some of the most exciting features about CampusGroups?

CampusGroups has a very advanced forms workflow function that we will harness to make event planning and other procedures more efficient and intuitive. The platform also includes some unique add-ons that we think will be a hit:

  • A robust mentor matching program that will allow students, staff, and faculty to identify one another as potential mentors/mentees based on common interests and areas of expertise.

  • Tools for meeting scheduling and email marketing that have the potential to save campus departments a significant amount of money over the lifetime of the product.

  • “Gamified” educational tracks where students, staff, and faculty can earn badges and points, engage in friendly competition, and develop a well-rounded co-curricular record.

  • Ability to chat individually or in groups on the platform without exchanging contact information. (You will have control over your settings, including privacy settings.)



What does the Office of Student Life do?

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is strives to foster a sense of student belonging on campus, and to create educational opportunities outside of the classroom where students learn a variety of skills, especially leadership. OSL is home to registered campus organizations, fraternities and sororities, student leadership development programs, and community programs.



What is a “student engagement platform” for, anyway?

Our vision for the next-generation student engagement platform is to co-create a comprehensive, unified online platform for co-curricular (educational, out-of-the-classroom) activities at UCSB.


We know from research and experience that student engagement through co-curricular activities is a strong driver of student persistence to graduation. This platform will make it easier for students to navigate and engage not only with registered campus organizations, but resources, programs, and departments across campus.


Students will be able to track their learning with regard to a number of co-curricular student learning outcomes, helping them to more concretely set goals, identify areas for growth, and ultimately articulate what they’ve learned to friends, family, future employers and colleagues, and future graduate programs.


Staff and faculty will have the same access to the platform as students, and thus will also be able to take advantage of new learning opportunities and ways to get involved as a mentor or supporter of student-led activities. The platform also provides a number of tools that can help departments to accomplish their goals and assess reach and effectiveness.


In other words:

  • New and less-engaged students will easily find a “home away from home” at UC Santa Barbara.

  • All students will discover new co-curricular learning opportunities, hosted both online and in person.

  • Student leaders will communicate with constituents, conduct organization business, and track participation, engagement, and learning with ease.

  • Staff and Faculty will connect with students to provide mentorship and support.



I’d like to share some comments or suggestions with the CampusGroups Launch Task Force. Where can I direct them?

Please contact either or both Launch Task Force Co-chairs: Miles Ashlock in the Dean of Students Office or Danielle Ortega in the Office of Student Life.



How can I get involved in the transition and contribute ideas and support to the new student engagement platform?

NAME THE SYSTEM – We’re looking for a name for the platform and we’d love your input. Submit your idea – your great suggestion just might earn your department or organization a sponsorship! If your submission is the first time the name has been suggested for the system and it is selected as the official name of CampusGroups at UCSB, you win! Registered campus organizations will receive free registration for 2019-20 plus a $200 unrestricted sponsorship. Departments will receive a $250 statement credit toward their CampusGroups membership.


PARTICIPATE IN THE LAUNCH – We are assembling a Task Force to customize and prepare our new student engagement platform. If you will be here this summer (July and August) and would like to participate, please indicate your interest by completing the Launch Task Force Interest Survey. Sub-committees of students, staff, and faculty will focus on topics including branding/marketing; event management workflow; budget & finance workflow; educational tracks, gamification, and co-curricular transcript; training and support; and data integration (with other campus systems).



Will CampusGroups include a website builder?

CampusGroups does offer a Website Builder, but it will not be activated at UCSB during the 2019-20 academic year. We found that the OrgSync Website Builder tool was used relatively infrequently and that there is a wide variety of free and inexpensive web design and hosting tools available online.  


That said, the CampusGroups Website Builder might be a more appealing and user-friendly option than our previous system. So, the Office of Student Life is surveying campus organization leaders to better understand what sorts of features and tools will be most valuable. We may add the Website Builder to our contract at a later date if it is in high demand. Otherwise, we recommend that campus organizations separately identify web design and hosting resources.



Will websites built in the OrgSync website builder be supported on CampusGroups?

No. Unfortunately, one of the greatest disruptions during our transition from OrgSync to CampusGroups will be to organization websites. We will make outreach to all groups with current websites hosted on OrgSync to notify them of the change, outline alternatives, and explain procedures to preserve existing website content before OrgSync is shut down. We found that the OrgSync Website Builder tool was used relatively infrequently and that there is a wide variety of free and inexpensive web design and hosting tools available online.   



Who do I call if I need assistance/support with CampusGroups?

  • Campus Staff and Faculty (including students while they are working on campus) will have email-based support from CampusGroups staff during regular business hours. (Telephone support is not available under our current contract. However, the Office of Student Life can provide telephone or in-person support if necessary.)

  • Students and Off-Campus Users will have email-based support from Office of Student Life staff during regular business hours (2260 SRB, x4569, or Complex or escalated issues can be addressed by telephone or in person.