The I ♡ UCSB Pledge was created by a group of students in consultation with AVC/DOS Armistead in 2014. It represents the high-achieving, compassionate, and conscientious spirit that each of us strives for as a member of the UC Santa Barbara campus community. 


I am committed to the pursuit of intellectual and personal growth
and I uphold the academic integrity of the UC Santa Barbara community.

I respect the rights and dignity of others.
I strive to understand and be inclusive of the diverse backgrounds,
identities, and expressions of all members of the community.

I understand my actions impact my community, my peers, and myself.
I take responsibility for my well-being and safety by not engaging in dangerous or excessive behavior
and I intervene when the safety of others is being compromised.

I recognize that it is a privilege to be a Gaucho
and I represent the UC Santa Barbara community everywhere I go.

I pledge to honor these values with pride.