About the Student Life Leadership Team

The following people make up the Student Life Leadership Team, which works closely with AVC/DOS Katya Armistead to plan, coordinate, and assess the programs and services of the cluster's various departments and initiatives. More than half of the team attended UCSB as a student prior to working on campus and team members average more than 10 years of professional experience at UCSB.

We hope that you will get to know us! Please never hesitate to contact us personally or to say 'hello' if you see us on campus.


"It is my hope that every student will find their place at UCSB, learn and grow from experiences and mistakes, and develop into an engaged community member here on campus and beyond."

SUZANNE PERKIN   she/her/hers
Associate Dean of Student Life

Areas of Responsibility

  • Oversight of the Offices of Student Conduct, Student Engagement & Leadership, and Civic Community Engagement 
  • Oversight of First Year Program and Student Success Initiatives


Direct (805) 893-4364
Email suzanne.perkin@sa.ucsb.edu

Note: The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has a direct role in student conduct matters.


"I take great joy in supporting students and addressing obstacles to ensure that students have the opportunity to participate in their education in ways that meet their academic and personal goals."

KIM EQUINOA   she/her/hers
Associate Dean of Student Life

Area of Responsibility 

  • Work with students and families who have immediate or crisis needs
  • Support students' unique needs to ensure access to their education
  • Work with programs and departments that work toward a healthy, safe, and encouraging university environment 


Direct (805) 893-3858
Email equinoa@ucsb.edu
Scheduling: Reshma Grewal (805-893-4568 or reshma@ucsb.edu)


"My goal is to work with the UCSB community to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, staff, and faculty."

ENN BURKE, Ph.D.   they/them/theirs
Assistant Dean, Equity & Student Communication

Areas of Responsibility

  • Campus climate
  • Project management for inclusion initiatives
  • Bias incident response

Direct (805) 635-7353
Email ennburke@ucsb.edu


"It is my goal to treat all students with dignity, compassion and respect as they navigate the conduct process."

JOAQUIN BECERRA   he/him/his
Assistant Dean & Director, Office of Student Conduct

Areas of Responsibility

  • Respond to violations of the UCSB Student Conduct Code, including allegations of behavioral or academic misconduct.
  • Provide disciplinary clearance for graduate school or transfer applications.

Direct (805) 893-5856
Email joaquin@ucsb.edu
Scheduling: Robin Brown (805-893-5016 or robin.brown@sa.ucsb.edu)

Note: The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has a direct role in the oversight of OSC.


"Working with our amazing and talented O-Staffers makes me happy to come to work every day."

TRICIA RASCON   she/her/hers
Assistant Dean & Director, Orientation Programs & Parent Services

Areas of Responsibility

  • New student orientation programming
  • Student leadership opportunities in the department

Direct (805) 893-3443
Email tricia_rascon@ucsb.edu


"My vision is to create a campus community that is free from violence and promotes healing for survivors."

BRIANA CONWAY   she/her/hers
Director, Campus Advocacy, Resources, & Education (CARE)

Areas of Responsibility

  • Primary prevention of interpersonal violence and harm on campus - sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking, and harassment 
  • Campus response and survivor support services to include their rights and options
  • Building a trauma-informed campus

Direct (805) 893-4613
Email briana_conway@ucsb.edu


"My goal is to teach and equip UCSB students how to navigate the career development process with skill and confidence. The possibilities are endless. There are no wrong choices, but students need the curiosity to explore their options and the courage to make their initial career decisions."

Executive Director, Career Services

Areas of Responsibility

  • Provides strategic leadership and vision for a department of career professionals that deliver comprehensive career education, professional development, and employer engagement services and programs that serve all UCSB students.


Direct (805) 893-3609
Email ignacio@ucsb.edu


VIVIANA MARSANO   she/her/ella
Director, Civic and Community Engagement




"My goal is to champion the ideals of equity, diversity, inclusion and a true sense of belonging through the mission of UCSB and the MultiCultural Center."

ONAR PRIMITIVO siya/he/him/his
Director, MultiCultural Center

Areas of Responsibility

  • Provide support and leadership to the professional and student staff, overseeing overall operations of the Center
  • Build both internal and external stakeholders and partners to enhance the student experience


Direct (805) 893-8411
Email lcprimitivo@ucsb.edu


"My goal and passion is to empower and cultivate spaces for queer and trans people of color."


QUINN RIOZ   they/them/theirs
Director, Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD)

Areas of Responsibility

  • Support, Advocacy, and Community-building for LGBTQ Students
  • Education and Training on LGBTQ Identities and Communities
  • Social, Educational, and Advocacy Events and Programs

Direct (805) 893-5846
Email quinnrioz@ucsb.edu



"I believe in promoting engagement and leadership through co-curricular campus activities. I incorporate my personal lens of social justice, critical thinking, diversity, equity, inclusion, personal development, and communication through the execution of my work in service to my constituents."

Director, Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL)

Area of Responsibility

  • Registered campus organizations, Fraternity & Sorority Life, leadership development programs, and the Gaucho Underground Scholars Program
  • Advises and approves campus activities planned by registered campus organizations and chair the Minor Events Committee
  • Oversee UCSB's official co-curricular system, Shoreline, and work with campus partners to support connection and involvement
  • Support the Division of Student Affairs by overseeing student affairs pipeline programs, such as NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, Foundations, and Emerging through Foundations


Direct (805) 893-4894
Email danielleortega@ucsb.edu



SHANA MORÁN-LANIER   she/her/hers
Director, Student Life Budget & Administration


Direct (805) 893-2664
Email shana.moran-lanier@sa.ucsb.edu



Director, Veterans and Military Services


Direct (805) 893-4724


BETSY KAMINSKI   she/her/hers
Director, Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity


Email: kaminski@ucsb.edu


EMMA PARKER, PhD.   she/her/hers
Coordinator, Student Success & Community Standards

Areas of Responsibility

  • Hazing prevention, organization conduct, campus elections, and student parent liaison 
  • First year and transfer student experience courses

Direct (805) 893-5405
Email emmaparker@ucsb.edu



The following chart represents the reporting relationships at the leadership level of the Student Life cluster. 

Note: The AVC/DOS has a direct role in the oversight of CARE. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA) has a direct role in the oversight of OSC.