About the Student Life Leadership Team

The following people make up the Student Life Leadership Team, which works closely with AVC/DOS Katya Armistead to plan, coordinate, and assess the programs and services of the cluster's various departments and initiatives. More than half of the team attended UCSB as a student prior to working on campus and team members average more than 10 years of professional experience at UCSB.

We hope that you will get to know us! Please never hesitate to contact us personally or to say 'hello' if you see us on campus.


Joaquin Becerra

"It is my goal to treat all students with dignity, compassion and respect as they navigate the conduct process."

JOAQUIN BECERRA   he/him/his
Assistant Dean & Director, Office of Judicial Affairs (OJA)

B.A. Psychology & Chicanx Studies, UCSB
M.S. Higher Education & Student Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington
M.A. Education, UCSB
ABD Education, UCSB

Areas of Responsibility

  • Respond to violations of the UCSB Student Conduct Code, including allegations of behavioral or academic misconduct.
  • Provide disciplinary clearance for graduate school or transfer applications.

Direct (805) 893-5856
Email joaquin@ucsb.edu
Scheduling: Robin Brown (805-893-5016 or robin.brown@sa.ucsb.edu)

Note: The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has a direct role in the oversight of OJA.


Nathaniel Burke

"My goal is to work with the UCSB community to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, staff, and faculty."

ENN BURKE, Ph.D.   they/them/theirs
Coordinator, Student Affairs Equity & Inclusion

B.A. Sociology & LGBTQ Studies, UCSB
M.A. Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Southern California
Ph.D. Sociology, University of Southern California

Areas of Responsibility

  • Campus climate
  • Project management for inclusion initiatives
  • Bias incident response

Direct (805) 635-7353
Email ennburke@ucsb.edu


Briana Conway

"My goal is for students to feel that they are not alone in their healing and that everyone has the ability to end sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, and stalking on our campus."

BRIANA CONWAY   she/her/hers
Director, CARE: Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education

B.S. Public Health, Southern Connecticut State University
M.B.A. Healthcare Administration, Quinnipiac University

Areas of Responsibility

  • Survivor advocacy services and interpersonal violence prevention education management
  • CARE outreach and collaboration
  • Policy, compliance, and best practices for working with survivors

Direct (805) 893-3305
Email briana.conway@sa.ucsb.edu



COBY DILLARD   he/him/his
Coordinator, Veterans and Military Services


Direct (805) 893-4724
Email cobydillard@ucsb.edu



KIM EQUINOA   she/her/hers
Associate Dean & Director, Women, Gender, & Sexual Equity (WGSE)


Direct (805) 893-3858
Email equinoa@ucsb.edu
Scheduling: Isabel McHugh (805-893-4568 or isabel.mchugh@sa.ucsb.edu)


Ignacio Gallardo

"My goal is to teach and equip UCSB students how to navigate the career development process with skill and confidence. The possibilities are endless. There are no wrong choices, but students need the curiosity to explore their options and the courage to make their initial career decisions."

Director, Career Services

B.S. Psychology, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO)
M.A. Career Counseling & Professional Development, Antioch University

Direct (805) 893-3609
Email ignacio.gallardo@sa.ucsb.edu



"My greatest wish is that all students feel like they can get everything they want from this university while being their full selves and making lifelong friendships."


CRAIG LEETS   he/him/his
Director, Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD)

B.A. Communication Studies, Chapman University
M.A. College Student Personnel, University of Maryland

Areas of Responsibility

  • Support, Advocacy, and Community-building for LGBTQ Students
  • Education and Training on LGBTQ Identities and Communities
  • Social, Educational, and Advocacy Events and Programs

Direct (805) 893-5846
Email craig.leets@sa.ucsb.edu



SHANA MORÁN-LANIER   she/her/hers
Director, Student Life Budget & Administration


Direct (805) 893-2664
Email shana.moran-lanier@sa.ucsb.edu


Tricia Rascon

"Working with our amazing and talented O-Staffers makes me happy to come to work every day."

TRICIA RASCON   she/her/hers
Director, Orientation Programs & Parent Services

B.A. English, UCSB
M.Ed. Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration, University of Vermont

Areas of Responsibility

  • New student orientation programming
  • Student leadership opportunities in the department

Direct (805) 893-3443
Email tricia_rascon@ucsb.edu


Learn more about AVC/DOS Katya Armistead and the cluster's organizational structure on the Meet AVC/DOS Katya Armistead page.