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Michelle Tracy Berger and Kathleen Guidroz, eds.
"The Intersectional Approach" (2010)

Patricia Hill Collins.
"Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory" (2019)

Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge.
"Intersectionality" (2016)


The Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies was established to examine how social structures and related identity categories such as gender, race, and class interact on multiple levels to create social inequality. The first such center of its kind, the Center's research projects and initiatives will bring together scholars and practitioners from law, sociology, feminist and gender studies, human rights, social justice, and other fields to explore the relationship of intersectionality to their work, to shape more effective remedies, and to promote greater collaboration between and across social movements.

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Join two academic librarians who will introduce the efforts they have made to incorporate intersectional themes into instruction and educational programming on their respective campuses. Librarians attending this roundtable discussion will brainstorm and share ideas for engaging in first-year instruction and outreach efforts that promote intersectionality